RulesFest-2011 Presentations

RulesFest History

101 CharlesYoung -Introduction To Production Systems

101 Christian de Sainte Marie – Rules Standards 101

101 Edson Tirelli – BRMS Best And Worst Practices And Real World Examples

101 Jacob Feldman – Constraint Programming 101

101 Paul Vincent – CEP 101

Brian Jones – Using Rules To Build Languages

Fred McClimans – Applying Logic To Illogical Human Behavior

Hugues Citeau – ONTORULE Where Ontologies Meet Business Rules

James Owen – Using Rule-Based Systems For Forecasting

Rolando Hernandez – Becoming A Knowledge Engineer

Keynote. Paul Haley – Roadmap For Rules Semantics And Business

Keynote. Said Tabet – Semantic Technologies And The Cloud Rules For The Next Generation

Alan Moore – Deploying Knowledge Based Technologies In Embedded Systems

Carole-Ann Matignon – Agile Knowledge Elicitation Leveraging Use Cases For An Effective Harvesting Of Tacit Knowledge

Charles Forgy, Carlos Serrano-Morales – Rules Technologies Inside Out Two Expert Perspectives

Christian de Sainte Marie – Choosing Data For Rule Interchange

Daniel Selman – Executing Processes Taking Decisions And Detecting Situations

Davide Sottara – Managing Imperfect Information Using Imperfect Rules Approximate Guidelines

Emory Fry – KMRIIA Knowledge Management Architecture For Healthcare

George Williamson – Achieving Scalability In Rule-Based Systems

Jacob Feldman – Using Constraint Solvers As Inference Engines To Validate And Execute Rules-Based Decision Models

Kenny Shi – Scalability In A Real-Time Decision Platform

Mauricio Salatino – Rules Processes And Complex Event Processing

Michael Walsh – Domain-Specific Language And Rules Engine Implemented In Python

Nate Derbinsky – Effective Scaling Of Long Term Memory For Reactive Rule-Based Agents

Paul Vincent – Event-Driven Rules Experiences In CEP

Ronald Bowers – Rule-Based Automatic Management Of A Distributed Simulation Environment

Wolfgang Laun – Domain-Specific Languages Notation For Experts