Decision Management Most Influential People

TopTenThis year will try to determine the most influential people in Decision Management technology in 2018. How will we decide whom to include in the DM Most Influential List?

The members of our community will nominate the most important and influential people working in the decision management and business rules field. These may include individuals who:

  • Are renown for the expertise they have contributed in this area
  • Have helped to develop key products that support these techniques
  • Are effective practitioners whose work has benefited real-world decision management systems
  • Have done much to promote awareness of the power of these practices to a broad audience.

When nominating individuals to the DM Most Influential List, we expect that our members will consider the following factors:

  • Leadership within their organizations or their clients by taking decision management to the very top level and by demonstrating genuine impact on the way real-world decision models are being created and deployed
  • Engagement with the broader business rules and decision management community is important. Whether that means participating in the DM standardization, writing influential books or sharing experience at social forums like LinkedIn groups,  speaking at the BR&DM conferences or solving challenges, we believe that being visible shows confidence, commitment, status and influence
  • Innovation by suggesting, promoting, and implementing new practical ideas using the latest decision management techniques.

If you are a registered DMCommunity member, you may use the form below to nominate your candidates (up to 5) to the DM Most Influential List:

Attendees of DecisionCAMP-2018  will be provided with a list of all nominees (sorted by the number of nominations) and invited to vote for their top ten individuals from the list on Sep. 18-19 in Luxembourg. Top ten individuals with the most votes will make the final Most Influential List that will be published right here after the DecisionCAMP. The individuals who will make the List will receive a certificate.

The Decision Management Most Influential 2018 List

(will become available on Sep. 20, 2018)

If this experiment is successful we will continue it in 2019.