The “First High-Profile Deserter” from the World of AI

For 40 years, the Stanford professor Terry Winograd has steered the increasingly complex and meaningful interactions between humans and computers. As a graduate student at MIT in the late 1960s, Winograd wrote one of the seminal programs in the emerging discipline of artificial intelligence. Later on, Winograd reached a conclusion that intelligence wasn’t simply a matter of pattern recognition and processing data; it involved being and existing. And as a result, computers alone couldn’t possess true intelligence. The proper role of artificial intelligence was therefore to help humans live more fully human lives, not to replace them. He became, in the words of one historian, “the first high-profile deserter from the world of AI.” He also was an adviser to Google cofounder Larry Page and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Read more at “Siri, Who s Terry Winograd?

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